Saturday, September 11, 2010


The choice between two evils
no faces~desperate anxiety
no faces~dangerous power
formulae: efficiency & effectiveness
precision & paralysis

The threads of this worship
are the fabric of human genocide

copyright: Dianne Tchir September 11, 2010


  1. This is deep Dianne and profound. The first and last two lines are a fair reflection...and I am glad you say "two evils"...I am not anti-American or anti- anyone but I am anti-State sponsored terrorism of any political colour....So while I share the moral outrage of most ordinary American citizens and people in other countries to the atrocity committed on 9/11..I can't support that Government morality which thinks it was justified to drop nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Agent Orange on Vietnamese villages and countless Dirty Tricks Operations in South American countries since. This is nothing new..As history shows us, the Roman's, French, British, Russian's and German's exploited and committed their own atrocities as super power oppressors..and they too labelled freedom fighters terrorists..but for me, whose family is jewish, muslim, catholic and protestant, the big difference is this....Modern America was born in the blood shed by Native American Tribes used as pawns by the British and French..Then white American's revolted under the banner "no taxation without representation" The British Government labelled these freedom fighters as terrorists..and lost..Washington and Jefferson gave the world the concept of a written constitution and a bill of rights and this new nation even fought its own civil war to abolish slavery and was instrumental in defeating Nazi Germany in WW II...But now she is the Super Power, oppressing weaker nations politically or economically or through Dirty Tricks Operations to support her world view..she is the one calling freedom fighters terrorists..We British thought we were giving you and the world democracy, justice and freedom..but we forgot, you can't impose and implant these ideologies for colonial and economic advantage...others have to see that they work in the way their founders intended them to work...for the good of all..then they will throw out their oppressors and adopt them.

  2. Short, but remarkably amazing. I also liked the fact that you believe in two evils rather than one evil. Taking sides is just another choice to make, adding to the list of rather difficult choices in life, rather than standing for your country against others. Brilliant.