Tuesday, August 31, 2010


There is no glitter or shine
my nakedness grips the sand
THE UNIVERSE encompasses my past &
present, with gentle impunity

i am incomplete
a comet streaks across
the skylit stage, not
touching a single performer

The body of water
draws me into
its cold arms
quenching my burning skin
indulging my senses

The water's cadence
arrests my breath
i am one in this history of  time

my nakedness returns to
the burning sand , as my hands
grasp the tail of
the streaking comet

copyright: Dianne Tchir August 31,2010

Saturday, August 28, 2010


The riches i treasur are
the lives who care
 not afraid to take risks
 not afraid to share
  a gentle touch from
  a meaningful thought &
  a warm summer breeze

Not afraid to share
 the silence of night
 a murmuring stream
recycling hope & flowing with
spirit and the riches of dreams

Not afraid to share
a glimpse of the past
slip into my skin
connect with the present
explore visions of
the future

Not afraid to reciprocate
respect individuality
maintain the thread of humanity
endorse the exchange with sincerity.

Copyright: D.M.Tchir Aug.28,2010

Disease of DECEPTION

The silhouettes wear
  eyes of pallid glass
disguising the abyss
      of tragedy

They quickly change
   their masks
to fit the shadows
    of reality

Deceptive eyes reflect
the gods of immortality
enslaving the audience
with mirrors of prosperity

The silhouettes stagger
children try their masks
closed glass eyes shatter
revealing shadows of death

The silhouettes perform
   fear in pantomime
disguising the mirrors
     of prosperity

The shadows encroach
   unveiling reality
  creating the abyss
     of anxiety

Copyright: D.M.Tchir Aug.28,2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010


You are a new face
i welcome your personhood
    as i search behind
    your speaking eyes.

I yoke myself to your matrix
    in a dream i see
the mythical womb of BEAR
uniting with SKY SPIRIT
language stringing culture's beads
circumscribing your nature.

Your circle has no end , only
    a beginning
i tune~you share talk
i knowingly feel your words.

We exchange our beads
enlarging our circle of living
understanding each other's
nature of being.

Within your circle
"I" is not centre
  but shines when
the string resonates
pulsating images of others.

copyright: D.M. Tchir Aug.22,2010


CHANGE invades my future
temporary symbols & images
expose my convulsing language
           i misread reality

our tightly wired world
zaps~place, space & time
  alters the way i feel
the texture of my existence

discharge unfamiliar shapes
social fabric is replaced

we plug into modules
 dispose of persons
redesign the human race
relearn reality & shop
for psychological baggage
to tightly wire our world
pending change

copyright: D.M.Tchir Aug. 22,2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I etch my painting
 on frosted panes
that I may more than see
the icy fingers of winter

Sol invites play
as slivers of silver fall away
The fine brush strokes
feathery veins
concealing your fine
grey strands
  your weathered face
    your hidden sorrows

I want to return
to your precious womb
    to start again
    to rock you
inside of me
    to take flight but
your spirit
 slips away tranforming
icy profusion into bone
copyright: Dianne Tchir August 14,2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I had to make you concrete
you became the sketch
i  made several strokes
            on you
hoping you could feel
i curved, filled and feathered
stroked you diagonally
vertically and horizontally

I could feel your presence
   desire to gain entry
  i have finished you
      cannot touch you

copyright: D.M. Tchir Aug. 12,2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


The painted green room
has a real green plant
the leaves unfold dust
the roots sprout ashes

Voices pierce the thick air
as sounds deflect & mingle
off the walls

Flailing arms & open hands try
retrieving familiar sounds~words
symbols sign laughter ; while
 angry compartments lock into
           each other

The ceiling drops phonics
watering the confused
green plants

copyright: Dianne Tchir Aug.10, 2010


We move through space
      vacuum forces
      sound stones
      release nets of
      cloudy feelings

We confuse life's destiny
      shout refuge from
      stormy skies

Empty hands join
     showering rebirth
Weepy arms lend
 solace to wavering hands
 gently touching flesh
     malice gone
resting inside
   outside of me

copyright: Dianne Tchir August10, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010


 You slip into your head
you're immortal like
word salads
          never wilting
          never souring

your photograph doesn't reveal
         your HUBRIS
your face is lost to
ripples in the water

copyright: D.M.Tchir Aug.9, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010


i hide...inside...my cultural cocoon
peeking...outside...my alienated nature
the painted...illusions...dictate quality
      i tuck ...inside...rehearse
        the script daily

the mask...hides...the civilized evil
the umbilical cord of Legitimate Authority
precasts the embryos...seeding inequality
promissory notes pulsate the machinery
reduce my essence to superficiality
the toxic cocoon consumes my identity

copyright: D.M. Tchir August 8th, 2010

Dianne's Wordshop

Dianne's Wordshop:


Today we try
cultural understanding
appeals for a better world
changes in content
physical structures
discharching anger at
cause & effect.

The actors are
without scripts
The roles mirror
everyman's security

The director diverts
cultural conflict.

The Play is here
where the masks hide
weary strained faces

The director ordains
the space for bodies
mulling them fit
for roles

Outside the bubble
the script unwinds
categorical boxes that
swell institutions
founded on justification.

copyright: D.M.Tchir August 8, 2010