Tuesday, August 31, 2010


There is no glitter or shine
my nakedness grips the sand
THE UNIVERSE encompasses my past &
present, with gentle impunity

i am incomplete
a comet streaks across
the skylit stage, not
touching a single performer

The body of water
draws me into
its cold arms
quenching my burning skin
indulging my senses

The water's cadence
arrests my breath
i am one in this history of  time

my nakedness returns to
the burning sand , as my hands
grasp the tail of
the streaking comet

copyright: Dianne Tchir August 31,2010


  1. your words makes the image more tangible than being just the creation of the mind. i feel like swimming and plays with water myself. so sensuous, yet not erotic. really well done poem.

  2. Loneliness and isolation are naked spaces. They sometimes have "no glitter or shine" are "incomplete" but sensual realms to reflect,"indulging..senses" and try to grab the tail of affections "comet" to be "one in this history of time"..Everything in the universe is born naked and remains that way even in death. Only we clothe it and try to disguise who we really are...separating ourselves from the natural "nakedness" of nature...but in so doing, we think and question the reason for it all. This poem has stardust in its understanding.

  3. I love the theme of being one with the elements of nature; although 'incomplete' as a single unit the narrator concludes by connecting with what completes him/her. Nice wordplay between 'nakedness' and the 'streaking' comet btw! ;)