Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dianne's Wordshop

Dianne's Wordshop:


Today we try
cultural understanding
appeals for a better world
changes in content
physical structures
discharching anger at
cause & effect.

The actors are
without scripts
The roles mirror
everyman's security

The director diverts
cultural conflict.

The Play is here
where the masks hide
weary strained faces

The director ordains
the space for bodies
mulling them fit
for roles

Outside the bubble
the script unwinds
categorical boxes that
swell institutions
founded on justification.

copyright: D.M.Tchir August 8, 2010


  1. You are right about The Play and its masks of hiding.That is why I prefer to live outside of the bubble..Just like The Prisoner, running along the beach with the damn thing chasing him.

  2. It has been long since i have seen the theater metaphor used to describe life. it brings to mind such great names like Shakespeare and Sir Walter Raleigh whose "what is our life" is still one of the best metaphors in this department. the metaphor enhances the absurdity of life, having us as actors who "struts and frets [our] role on the stage, then heard no more" (Macbeth). only those who live outside the "bubble" manage to know what is life, while the rest are swelling the institutions!!!

  3. Good reading this Dianne- Thank you

  4. The vital part of this poem is: 'The actors are without scripts.' A powerful statement, we can see no beginning or end, stuck here without a script to read; we are, in effect, the scriptwriters, making it up as we go along.
    Good work Dianne!