Saturday, August 28, 2010

Disease of DECEPTION

The silhouettes wear
  eyes of pallid glass
disguising the abyss
      of tragedy

They quickly change
   their masks
to fit the shadows
    of reality

Deceptive eyes reflect
the gods of immortality
enslaving the audience
with mirrors of prosperity

The silhouettes stagger
children try their masks
closed glass eyes shatter
revealing shadows of death

The silhouettes perform
   fear in pantomime
disguising the mirrors
     of prosperity

The shadows encroach
   unveiling reality
  creating the abyss
     of anxiety

Copyright: D.M.Tchir Aug.28,2010


  1. WOW..You really make the reader think in this excellent poem Dianne. My favourite so far..Love the 3rd and 6th stanzas...but the images and structure are powerful and life throughout. You are right..there are two realities..the first is a deception, created by those with power over others to enslave them "with mirrors of prosperity"...."silhouettes" are so socially controlled, they make their "children try their masks" and all "perform fear in pantomime..creating the abyss of anxiety" caused by the false reason for existing we have today. They can't see that their actions perpetuate the real reality, which is to serve those with the real power, who deceive the masses by behaving like invented "gods of immortality" created by themselves. In thinking we have prosperity, we are also "disguising the mirrors of prosperity" but the reality of those with power over others is as false as their gods because they are just "silhouettes" themselves. Until we understand the real purpose for our own existence, we won't be able to break out of this bubble, which sees civilisations come and go. Thankye for making me think with this poem Dianne. It is stunning!

  2. I am in agreement with Strider on this one. My favourite line was "Deceptive eyes reflect
    the gods of immortality". Mirrors and masks make the world such a complex place to function for so many humans. The more masks we put on and then try to know ourselves by looking in the proverbial mirror, the further we can get from knowing who we TRULY are. Best bet, don't look in the mirror if can't bear to remove the mask while you do it! ;)