Sunday, August 22, 2010


You are a new face
i welcome your personhood
    as i search behind
    your speaking eyes.

I yoke myself to your matrix
    in a dream i see
the mythical womb of BEAR
uniting with SKY SPIRIT
language stringing culture's beads
circumscribing your nature.

Your circle has no end , only
    a beginning
i tune~you share talk
i knowingly feel your words.

We exchange our beads
enlarging our circle of living
understanding each other's
nature of being.

Within your circle
"I" is not centre
  but shines when
the string resonates
pulsating images of others.

copyright: D.M. Tchir Aug.22,2010


  1. Like me, you see us as beads on the strings of time...Mathematics and astro physics 'string theory' are themes in some of the poems in my books..CIRCLES which you explore beautifully in this poem. The last stanza is brilliant.."Within your circle 'I' is not centre"...Wish I could have put it like that. This is a gem!

  2. the use of mathematical images reminds me of the metaphysical conceits of the modernist poets. it is important that poetry departs from cliches and explores other domains like the meeting of cultures, which this poem presents. great work, Dianne,

  3. Dianne, this is really beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Really great work!

  5. What wonderful imagery conjured by this poem. In a barely discernible flash, your work took me to space where I contemplated the ever-expanding universe and took me inside to examine the walls withing my soul. Why can't those horizons be ever-expanding as well?

    The brief comment is that your poem inspired me to think and think expansively, and for that gift this evening, I thank you.

    All best, Don

  6. This is an interesting piece that leaves the reader LOTS of room to delve. Its versatility is obvious (in that the reader senses there is more to it than what is stated outrightly) and inobvious (most reader's are going to have to do a little research and self-development). The references to Great Bear and Sky Spirit are just enough to direct the audience to Native North American culture yet most will not understand the "beads" until they look into it. Ironically, in so doing, they will enlarge THEIR circle of living. The beads have so many uses; ceremonial, trade (money), remembering oral lore and traditions, etc. Well done!