Sunday, August 22, 2010


CHANGE invades my future
temporary symbols & images
expose my convulsing language
           i misread reality

our tightly wired world
zaps~place, space & time
  alters the way i feel
the texture of my existence

discharge unfamiliar shapes
social fabric is replaced

we plug into modules
 dispose of persons
redesign the human race
relearn reality & shop
for psychological baggage
to tightly wire our world
pending change

copyright: D.M.Tchir Aug. 22,2010


  1. I love the atmosphere, mood and imagery of this poem Dianne and the contrast between the wired world of this generation, where life, relationships, culture and society is discarded without throwing an empty tin in the trash can.." i misread fabric is replaced..we plug into modules dispose of persons.." and the imperfect but real world we were used disintegrating into these " temporary symbols and images " all " pending change " in this age of technocrats and tycoons playing wired monopoly with impotent nations. Great poem. You tell it how it is and we feel how much it hurts!

  2. nice rhythm and all. i would prefer less abstraction and some imagery, concrete and metaphorical so that I could grasp this in a more poetical sense. no argument at all with the points you are making.