Monday, October 18, 2010


fall tree colours blend
coexist under one canvas
synchronize life's concert

earth,sun, air, water
divine cycle of victual
cosmic mortal food

copyright: Dianne Tchir October 18,2010


  1. Dianne,
    I like these, but I stumble and even resent(!) the use of the words coexist and synchronize. I ask myself why? I have no answer, just that these modern, technical words compromise the sanctuary that the outdoors has always been to me. But I guess the divine earth has to feed techies too....! Thanks for offering them.

  2. I loved the words coexist and synchronize in fact. I have been asked to watch the varieties of greens in plants by my father as an assignment eversince I have been in lower school. My father is a poet too. He says ocean is not blue, the heaven is. And now I would say- how nicely they blend and synchrinize. I love poems. I used to write poems. Let me see if I get back to writing again.

  3. The second part of the haiku is more haikuish. It glorifies the season but again fall short with its last line. haiku is like whispers. Words in it must be light. But your vision is fantastic. I love the depth you reach for.
    Kushal Poddar

  4. For me, the words coexist and synchronize, symbolise the struggle nature now has with the natural order of things affected by man who wants to genetically tamper with everything. A very interesting poem!