Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Survival is cave art
today i am the hunter
ravens circle where warm
remains fill the air with
the fresh smell of blood

Hot blades of sunshine dice
dying fields of gold
i crawl in camo on my belly
face the cool earth
breathe in the west wind
worm under the barbwire fence

The piercing bullet
made with precision is
loaded into the rifle
set on to a tripod
i sit legs outstretched
on the cold earth &
take aim with safety off

i see the whitetail in
the crosshairs
breathe deeply in & fully exhale out
squeeze the trigger

The deer's legs fold
at her knees
bone shatters, splits
dark red blood streaks
over muscle/meat
interconnecting me

ice rasps down my spine
thin membranes of memories split
scatter to bits
i straighten up
we walk to tag the deer~meat
the field is void of feelings
i am an omnivore

We skin, cut and wrap
grind to make burger
the fresh meat becomes
tonight's chilli

Coyote & wolves
ravens & magpies will share
this circle of living

copyright: Dianne Tchir December 30,2010


  1. "Survival is cave art/today I am the hunter" Dianne, in this poem you strip away the cosmetic comforts of modern life and reduce us to the truth of what we still are essentially, shown in the relationship between man, woman, animals and nature, who "share this circle of living". Like the hunter, your theme and images take aim and make the kill with a natural conscience so "the field is void of feelings" but all is "interconnecting". In your "cave art" man and woman work together to survive then and now as "the fresh meat becomes/tonight's chilli"...but you also show that the picture and relationship between man and woman today has changed..woman is the hunter, she makes the kill and helps "to tag the deer~meat" hinting that some aspects of equality have made her more masculine. A fascinating poem full of possibilities in its beautiful rhythm, impact of images and skillful construction.

  2. very nicely and precisely written poem..Yesterday i wrote a quote ""Everybody says that we are human beings, It might be coz animals can't write or speak"" bt after reading your poem i now change it " Animals can write or speak provided they are called human beings''..